After five years elevating traditional fare at Mahob Khmer, where Sothea Seng serves modern Cambodian food, the chef is exploring new territory at Lum Orng. Inspired by Cambodia’s long rich culinary heritage, remnants of which can be found in the cuisines of neighbouring countries once part of the Khmer Empire, the chef will be introducing New Mekong Cuisine.

At Mahob Khmer, chef Sothea dedicated himself to modernising Cambodian food while preserving its culinary heritage – much of which was lost during the brutal Khmer Rouge regime of the 1970s, and is at risk due to tourism and a lack of understanding about Cambodian cuisine. Sothea’s team at Mahob Khmer will continue to introduce diners to the restaurant’s modern take on traditional food.

At Lum Orng, chef Sothea is experimenting even more to create an inventive new style of contemporary Cambodian food he’s calling New Mekong Cuisine. The chef will continue to reinvent traditional favourites, such as Prahok Ktis and Saraman Curry, while looking for inspiration beyond Cambodia’s borders to the former Khmer Empire territories of Southern Vietnam and the Mekong Delta, Southern Laos, and neighbouring Thailand, where traces of Cambodia’s culinary heritage are still found.

Choose from the current tasting menu, or select dishes from the a la carte menu, which can be eaten individually or shared.

Menu of Lum Orng Restaurant, Siem Reap