Enjoy a private meal presented by Chef Sothea or one of the Lum Orng chefs in a beautiful, breezy, traditional wooden house on the chef’s organic farm near the atmospheric 12th century Beng Mealea temple, 55 kms from Siem Reap and 17kms from the new Siem Reap Angkor International Airport (SAI).

Mysterious moss-dappled Beng Mealea is set within a forest, surrounded by a moat, and strangled by the roots of the towering trees shading the sprawling archaeological site. Wooden stairs give access to otherwise inaccessible dilapidated parts of the temple, while raised platforms provide sweeping views of this lesser-visited temple.

With few restaurants nearby – only street food and rustic local eateries – food-lovers can now punctuate a morning or afternoon’s exploration of Beng Mealea temple with a memorable meal prepared by the Lum Orng chefs, along with bespoke activities or entertainment if you wish.

While you can linger over lunch or dinner, you can also nap in a hammock, stroll the orchards, do a spot of fruit picking for fishing, sip sundowners overlooking rice fields, watch a shadow puppet show or traditional music performance. With enough notice, we can arrange almost anything

Reservations essential a min. 24 hours in advance as the property will only be opened for you – whether you’re a couple, family or group of friends, the property is yours for the duration of the booking. If you’re planning something special or more elaborate, such as a proposal, wedding or event, get in touch with us well in advance.

Enjoy a private meal prepared by Chef Sothea or his team in a traditional wooden house on the chef’s organic farm near beautiful 12th century Beng Mealea